Delray Beach Carpet Care

We have been helping people with water restoration needs for many years in the local area.

If you have a carpet that has stretched out and it needs to be re-stretched to fit your room, we can do that for you.

If you have kids who spill colored drinks on the tile around your pool, call us to clean those stains for you.

Instead of replacing your worn furniture, call our experts and have your upholstery cleaned by professionals today.

Cleaning your carpet often is better for the health of your children than allowing them to play on dirty carpet.

If you have a new puppy that makes a mess on your carpet, we have a pet stain remover you can order online.

When you have the carpet in your office cleaned, it will smell fresh and make people feel better.

We guarantee you will be happy with the way your bathroom tile will look when we get done cleaning it.

If you would like references from our clients before you hire us to clean your carpeting, just let us know.

Cleaning the upholstery on your furniture is just as important as cleaning your carpeting.

We have an excellent reputation for great service and people love the way their carpets look after we clean them.

Using a dry cleaning process to clean your carpets is a better way to keep them fresh for years to come.

Cleaning upholstery and carpet that are made of synthetic blends can be done with our dry cleaning snow.

We have professional carpet cleaning technicians who have the experience in cleaning all types of spots off your carpet.

If you are having a party and want to have your carpet cleaned before the party, give us a call.

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